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Check out my examples for episode music, paintings or my album. Also, these are things I like. 

Hi, I'm Marianna. I work as a podcast producer, focused on narrative journalism. I come from an editing background, where I also scored stories, and gradually began conceptualizing and directing shows. I want to make stories happen in the best shape they can, even if that shape is totally new.

I am most proud of my work directing, editing and scoring 5-part show Pistoleiros, which you can find more about here

I composed and assisted with music production at the fantastic podcast Reply All, by Gimlet Media. It is narrative audio at its finest, always compelling and fun. 

I was a regular contributor for Radio Novelo, working with clients such as Revista Piauí, Futura, Japan House, LAUT, and several other, which you can check on my portfolio page. I also contribute with Trovão Mídia regularly on their shows, as well as many other production companies.

Before getting in podcasting, I was proud to collaborate as a music editor for the kid's massive hit show TV show "DPA - Detetives do Prédio Azul" (Gloob). I learned a lot there.

I studied music composition for a while at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina) and have a major in Radio Studies, as well as a technical degree as Audio Operator from SENAI. 

In my own music, I produced an album called Romance Modelo (selo RISCO, 2017). I also took part at the mentorship program ASA in 2019, a program for women in the audio business in partnership with Oi Futuro, shesaid.so and the British Council. It was really cool.  You can find the stuff I make by browsing the menu. Keep in touch and stay safe!

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